Welcome to Massimo Detailing plak.co.uk online store. Purchasing products available through Atos Star online store is tantamount to accepting terms and conditions of these Regulations, which is mandatory to make a purchase.

1.1 www.plak.co.uk online store is operated by

Massimo Detailing Ltd.


Horton Road, Stanwell Moor


1.2 The online store can be contacted by e-mail: info@atosstar.co.uk or through the contact form available on the website.

1.3 Provided services include electronic purchase and sale agreements based on the system of placing orders online.


1. Product – an item or the right to sell through the online store. This includes products by Atas S.r.l distributed by Massimo Detailing.

2. Buyer – a user that has the full capacity to perform acts in law and that has undertaken actions with the aim to buy products through the Massimo Detailing online store.

3. Registration – a technical activity to create an individual user account, which results in accepting these regulations and committing oneself to the provisions herein.


2.1. To be able to use the services, buyers must have computer and Internet access.

2.2. atosstar.co.uk online store uses cookie files to store buyers’ details in order to:

- analyse and expand its offer and services,

- make personalised services available to buyers, mainly to avoid presenting the same content to one user repeatedly.

2.2.1. Massimo Detailing online store users agree to have cookie files placed on their devices.

2.2.2. Removing cookie files may result in different website content to be presented to users and some features of the website to be unavailable.

2.3. Credit card payments and electronic transfers are managed through the PayPal system.


4.1. Registering in the Massimo Detailing online store and using the website is tantamount to accepting these regulations.

4.2. By registering, all users agree to have their personal details processed by Atos Star in order to register sales and complete orders, according to the Personal Data Protection Law of 29 August 1997, Journal of Laws 1997, No. 133, item 883, with subsequent amendments.


5.1. Orders are placed by adding products to the shopping basket and completing all stages of the order procedure correctly.

5.2. After adding products to the shopping basket, buyers can place an order by confirming the delivery address, choosing the payment method and confirming the order.

5.3. The Atos Star online store is open all year round, 24 hours a day. Orders placed through the Atos Star online store are completed within 24 hours after the payment is credited to the bank account.

5.4. Personal collection is possible after contacting the online store. 

5.5 Credit card payments and electronic transfers are managed through the PayPal system, (or others).

5.6. Payments are also possible outside the PayPal system. In such cases, buyers can click "I don’t have a PayPal account". Buyers will then have other payment options to choose from.

5.5. In case of any circumstances that make completing an order impossible or delayed, Atos Star reserves the right to discontinue completing the order. Buyers shall be notified about this fact without undue delay.

5.6. Prices offered through the website online store www.plak.co.uk are quoted in pounds sterling.


6.1. Delivery costs are covered by the buyer.

6.2. We currently only despatch products to UK addresses

6.3. Delivery costs are calculated automatically when products are added to the shopping basket.

6.4. The cost of postage and packing for items ordered is displayed automatically in your basket during the order process. The cost is £4.99 and we only charge you delivery once per order, even if we send you more than one parcel. (The full delivery charge is charged on the first parcel despatched)

6.5. Products are sent via Royal Mail or our couriers Hermes or iPostparcels.


7.1. Buyers are obliged to make payment upon receiving products or by making a prepayment to the store’s bank account.

7.1.1. Prepayment can be made by means of a bank transfer to Massimo Detailing bank account according to the following template:

Massimo Detailing Ltd.

TSB Bank

Account number: 00009636

Sort code: 30-93-67

Re: Order number:

7.2. Prepayment can also be made online (credit card or electronic transfer), through the PayPal system.

7.3. Buyers are obliged to pay for the order within the specified period of time (5 days for bank transfers and 3 days for credit cards or electronic transfers).

7.4. ‘Due date’ is the day when the payment should be credited to the Atos Star bank account. Therefore, payments have to be made in advance, otherwise the order may be cancelled.

7.5. Any orders that are not paid in due time are cancelled.

7.6. Until the payment is made, Buyers can cancel orders themselves.

7.7. Atos Star dispatches all purchased products within 24 hours of the prepayment being credited to the bank account. With larger orders, the Atos Star online store reserves the right to extend this period after consulting the buyer.

7.8. When an order is not paid, the store sends the buyer an e-mail with a request to make the payment or send the transfer receipt. If the payment is not made within the timeframe specified in the e-mail, the order is cancelled. If orders are not paid three times, the user account may be deactivated.


8.1. Complaints are accepted only with a purchase confirmation document. This excludes complaints resulting from mechanical damages as well as products or elements in the products that have been used. Complaints are considered within 7 days of receiving the possibly faulty product. In special cases, the online store reserves the right to extend this period. Buyers will be notified of this by e-mail or by telephone.

8.2. Orders can be cancelled within 1 hour of ordering by sending an e-mail to info@atosstar.co.uk the e-mail should include the order number.

8.3. The online store accepts returns only if the product is sent back unchanged and with no indications that it has been used, together with the receipt (if attached), all labels (if attached) and original packaging intact (if attached).

8.4. To return the product, the Buyer has to contact the Atos Star online store in advance.

8.5. If the order has already been dispatched, products can be returned within 14 working days. Products must be returned in perfect condition and unpacked.

8.6. Buyers are responsible for the products until they are delivered to the store. It is strongly recommended to insure the products and keep the postal receipt in case of loss or damage.

8.7. Atos Star makes the refund to the buyer after receiving returned products.

8.8. The refund is made to the bank account specified by the buyer in the product return form.


9.1. The administrator of users’ personal details is

Massimo Detailing Ltd


Horton Road, Stanwell Moor


9.2. Users have the right to have their personal details removed from the online store’s database. Written requests to remove personal details should be sent by e-mail.

9.3. Registering on the website is tantamount to accepting these Regulations, which includes giving assent to receive commercial information.

9.4. Submitting an order, the Client consents to the saving and processing of their personal data in accordance with the law stated in Chapter 4, points 4.2; this includes the following:

a) Name, 

b) Permanent residence address or a correspondence address, if it is different to the permanent residence address,

c) Client’s e-mail address,

d) Client’s bank account number and a contact telephone number, if required for the purpose of submittal, realisation and settlement of orders.

9.5. The aforementioned personal data will be processed exclusively for the purpose of submittal, realisation and settlement of orders.

9.6. The aforementioned personal data are protected from unauthorised access by any third parties.


10.1. The store’s owner reserves the right to change the provisions of these Regulations.

10.1.1. Website users shall be notified about any changes to these Regulations by e-mail.

10.1.2. Every user has the right to raise an objection, which means not accepting the Regulations, within 14 days of being notified about the changes.

10.1.3. Raising no objections within 14 days is tantamount to accepting new provisions of the Regulations.

10.1.4. Refusing to accept new provisions of the Regulations will result in the user account being deactivated until the Regulations are accepted or the agreement with the online store’s owner is terminated.

10.2. To all matters not settled herein appropriate provisions of the Civil Code and other provisions of law shall apply.