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Jul 30 2018

Washing your car in hot weather

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Ideally, you shouldn't wash your car in hot weather and direct sunlight as the shampoo residue and water will quickly dry into your car surface leaving spots and marks. However, there are times that you actually can't avoid it, especially if you are living in a hot climate or the summer season is really warm and sunny for a long time. Here are some best tips, how to clean your car properly in hot weather.

Washing your car in hot weather

1. Avoid washing the car in direct sunlight.  Try parking in a shadow area if possible, however, be careful about other factors. Parking beneath the tree may give you the desired shadow, but you might get unwanted leaves or flowers falling on your car. 

2. Wash your car early in the morning or late in the evening. Before the sun is fully up or after it begins to set will be optimum washing times in hot weather. The temperature will be usually a bit lower than during the day and sunlight is not so powerful. Bear in mind, that less sun also means less light, so don't wash your car when it is really dark. You will not be able to see all the spots and marks that you are missing. 

3. Get everything ready. All the equipment, detergents and water hose ( or water in buckets) should be ready and close at hand before you will start washing your car. This will speed up the whole process and it is less likely that you will have to leave the shampoo or detergent on and let it dry into the surface. 

4. Rinse or sprinkle the car with cool water. This will lower the surface temperature and prevent the soap from drying very fast and of course, will lose the dirt and get the car ready for shampooing. 

5. Wash in sections
Work your way around the vehicle one small section at a time, reapplying water to each section before washing. Go panel by panel, start from the top and work your way around going down. 

6. Dry it off instantly with a dry cloth
Once the car is washed and you are happy with the result, dry it off gently with a dedicated, clean cloth or towel. Inspect the surface for the unwanted spots and marks and polish them off if you find any.

7. Don't rush, but act fast.
It's never recommended to rush with washing your car, you should take your time and do it with care. However, when it comes to washing the car in hot weather, you should act quite fast. Time will be essential when it comes to washing the car in the sun, as water and detergents will dry into surface really quickly. That's why you need to be one step ahead!

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