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Jun 20 2018

How to clean your van?

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Driving a Van for business? Don't forget - the car will showcase your company! It's important to keep it clean and neat. Here are some best tips how to properly clean your van.

How to clean your van?

1. Power rinse

Firstly, rinse the vehicle profusely with water. If you have a power wash at hand, don't be afraid of using it. It will help loosening up an old dirt, especially from difficult parts and undercarriage.

2. Wheels

Spray the wheels with a wheel alloy cleaner to get rid of most stubborn dirt, oil residues or tar. Get a special brush and reach through spokes to clean each wheel front to back. Pay attention to lug nuts - this is where the most stubborn dirt usually hides.

If you don't have a special detergent, you can use a car shampoo, but the effect may surely will not be the same.

3. Washing time

If you have a special car shampoo for your private car... than don't use it your Van.
Vans & trucks need extra care to wash off the road dirt, oil residues, tar and other stains.
In order to achieve best results, use a highly concentrated cleaner DIMER.
It is highly recommend to clean Vans, Trucks or mechanical parts.

4. Dry it

After you've washed the exterior of your car, don't leave it wet. Dry it with a special cloth like chamois leather. You will prevent water from leaving spots and marks that are taking away the shine of your freshly cleaned lacquer.

5. Polish & protect

Get your Van a nice, shiny look with a waxing and polishing paste. This will help you keep the surface clean and protected for longer. As most of the polishing pastes might be a bit abrasive, don't use it with every wash, but once a season.

6. Smear-free windows

Your job is not done until all windows and mirrors are spotlessly clean.

Spray the glass with special detergent and always use a dedicated cloth to clean the windows and get the best smear-free result.

Never use paper towels! They may scratch your windows.

7. Interior

Now take care of the inside of your Van. You probably drive it a lot and if you treat it like a second home too, give it a special care. Vacuum the carpets and upholstery. Use a small nozzle to vacuum off the dirt from difficult parts ( be careful not to scratch any plastic parts).  

If carpets or rubber mats are heavily dirty, take them out and shampoo them.

Finish off by wiping the dashboard an plastic parts with a dedicated dashboard spray, to clean and protect the surface.

Now you're good to go!

P.S. The key to keeping your Van and any vehicle clean is... regular cleaning. Wash your van every couple weeks to get the best results. 

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