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May 11 2018

Fix smelly AC in your car in 10 minutes

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The smell coming from your car's air condition is nothing unusual, especially if a/c has not been used for a long time ( e.g. after winter). The solution to this problem is regular maintenance and sanitising treatments which helps your air con stay clean and fresh all year long.

Fix smelly AC in your car in 10 minutes

The reason you smell an unpleasant musty odour coming from your air condition is that dirt and bacteria build up in the system. Once the smell occurs, get the professional cleaner & sanitiser and treat the a/c system straight away. 

Here's how you can fix smelly ac in your car in just 10 minutes with AIRCLIM - sanitiser bomb. 

  1. Switch on the ignition
  2. Turn off the air con and turn air flow to recirculating mode
  3. Turn the fan speed to maximum 
  4. Place AIRCLIM bomb in the passenger footwell
  5. Fully depress the button on the Air-Con Bomb and once done, get out of the car and close the door
  6. Observe the cars inside and watch as the entire contents of the can dispenses
  7. Leave the fans running for a couple of minutes before returning to the car.

You can watch the full procedure here:

Now you can enjoy sanitised and fresh air condition in your car. 


  1. Kills bacteria
  2. Removes bad odour
  3. Easy to use
  4. Leaves a pleasant fresh smell lasting months
  5. Affordable price

You can also try CLIM - foam cleaner & sanitiser, which also effectively removes odour from air conditioning unit, by neutralising bad smell. CLIM will help with cleaning and sanitising car A/C system, as well as home and office A/C units. 

Regular maintenance   

To keep your A/C clean and fresh all year long, we highly recommend using the cleaners regularly, at least twice a year. 

There are also couple good practices to help ensure that your air condition stays clean and fresh for longer.

1. Use the A/C regularly

Leaving the air conditioning not working for a long time enhances the bacteria and dirt to build up in the system. Try switching A/C in your car regularly, even when it's cold; air conditioning effectively clears mist from the windscreen. 

2. Keep the fan running

To prevent the moisture from building up in the vent, switch off the car's air conditioning a few minutes before arriving at your destination, and keel the fans running which will help to remove the excess of water from the A/C system. 

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