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Nov 22 2018

Preparing your car for winter: best tips

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As winter is approaching, it's wise to prepare your car for this challenging season. Driving in cold weather can sometimes be difficult, read our tips on how to get ready for this time. 

Preparing your car for winter: best tips

1.Check the battery 

Cold weather has a negative impact on a car's battery. Winter also means an increased use of lights, heater and blower, which puts an extra strain on the battery. It's important to check the battery before winter - if you have noticed any alarming signals before the cold weather kicks in for good, you are having problems with starting the engine in the morning - get your battery checked and replace it if necessary.

2.(Winter) tyres  

Tyres have got a direct impact on your safety on road, especially on a slippery surface. Check the air pressure in tyres and inspect the thread - the legal limit is 1.6mm, but don't push it until the limit, especially during winter. If your tyres are due to be replaced, do it before the bad weather starts.

3.Exterior lights 

Winter means shorter days, longer evenings. Driving with daylights turned on all day during winter is highly recommended for your own safety. Check, if all exterior lights are working, replace broken bulbs if necessary. Remember to clean the lights and defrost them in the morning.

4.Get a scraper 

Do you know that feeling when you are running late in the morning during winter, are about to jump in the car, but... it's all frozen after a long cold night? And that panicking moment when you realise, there's nothing to scrape off the frost off your windscreen. Remember to get a scraper asap before the cold season. You can buy it in supermarkets, petrol stations on in online stores. Keep the car clear of snow. All windows need to be clear for maximum visibility, while snow on the roof can fall and cause problems for you or other drivers. The number plates need to be visible, too. Don't use random objects to scrap the car - you are risking damaging the windscreen and lacquer. 

5.Get special products 

Invest in affordable products that will come in handy during winter. Try Anti-fog spray ROX and de-icer DEG. The first one is based on special antistatic substances, avoids the condensation on the glass, crystals, shop windows, etc. by ensuring a long-lasting and perfect visibility. De-icer will come in handy if you forgot a scraper, or don't like to scrap at all - DEG melts ice on windscreens, locks very fast. Does not eat into paint or rubber.

6.Check the screen wash 

Don't forget to refill the screenwash and check if it's down to at least -15 degrees Celsius.

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